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What is a SAPOR Membership?

Work locally – impact globally! Join SAPOR for 2022!

The SAPOR 2022 membership year = the 2022 calendar year. Cost is $20.

SAPOR extends its offer of membership to anyone interested in the field of public opinion or behavioral research.

Join us in promoting professionalism and collegiality among people
– Focused on data collection and analysis methods
– Applying qualitative and quantitative research findings to research problems
– Living in SE US or anywhere in the world

Members receive an ever expanding package of services, including
– annual conference
– newsletters and email communications on research-related events
– employment opportunities
– discounted conference rates
– instant access to other SAPOR members in your area

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SAPOR Bylaws Information
The SAPOR organization is governed by a set of bylaws directing the operations of SAPOR. Specifically, the SAPOR bylaws direct leadership and members as to proper function of the organization and how it supports the continued operation of the organization. The current bylaws in PDF format can be viewed by clicking here.

SAPOR Declaration of Commitment to Human Right
We – the members of the Southern Association for Public Opinion Research (SAPOR) – pledge to maintain the highest standards of scientific research, including pledging to act in accordance with principles of basic human rights. SAPOR recognizes the freedom of all people to participate in and to benefit from scientific advancement and reaffirms the principles of ethical scientific conduct embodied in the American Association for Public Opinion Research’s Code of Ethics. Our organizational commitment to human rights goes beyond our research. We recognize the full equality, dignity, and worth of all peoples and hold a deep appreciation for the values of inclusion, understanding, and acceptance in our work and in our lives. Together we strive to serve the public good, including the advancement of human rights.

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